Wednesday, March 5, 2014

one upside of smaller space

I've got slightly more than half as much space here as I did in the condo. And it's stretched out so that the long side of both rooms is windows. I'm sure I could have watched it rain in the condo, but I very seldom did. (Of course, in the condo watching the rain would also involve staring into the windows of the condo across the way, a definite social dissuader.)

Here, I can't get away from the windows and so I can always watch the rain mist or pour or or pelt or dribble down against ferns and blackberry vines on the basalt cliffs. I know there are those, my son Jeff among them, who would consider that a downside. But it cheers and soothes me to watch the rain fall. I'm not particularly hoping for more snow this year, but, should it come, it too will be beautiful and magical.

Jeff, how could you possibly want to trade the peaceful gray and damp of Oregon for the alligators, swamps, humidity, hurricanes, and general craziness and corruption of Florida?


  1. I would love the windows, and that view, also. Is Jeff really thinking of moving to FL?

  2. Yup. He's decided living in Oregon has always made him depressed for most of the year, and if he could only be somewhere with lots of sun and warm ocean beaches, he'd be happy. He's always talked about it, but now he's looking at possibilities for transferring within the grocery company he works for to a store in Tampa. He takes yearly and sometimes semi-annual vacations there and loves it. (I keep trying to explain that being somewhere on vacation and living somewhere are not the same thing, but he longs for the sunshine.

  3. I'm with you Roberta! I've been to Florida once... I hated it... the humidity... ugh... I'll stick with rainy Oregon any day! I love watching the rain, wind, snow, etc we get here :)

  4. Air so thick you need a knife to cut your way through it.... Bugs so big you need a tennis racket to fight them off.... But you do see the sun more and of course, if a wave over 10 feet tall were ever to arrive, 1/2 the state would be underwater.