Saturday, March 1, 2014

Big Brother

My life is getting a great deal more organization imposed on it than I am used to. Probably a good thing, but somewhat -- noteworthy.

Item: Monday, the new member services lady, Sandy, will come to my apartment and give me an hour-long presentation on what new members need to know. She called me on my in-house phone and left a message. We played phone tag for a while, finally set up the appointment for Monday. An hour! I suspect I will come away with a pile of paper to process and/or sign and/or agree to. I'll let you know after the meeting.

Item: next Wednesday I will meet with someone from the Wellness Center (gym, swimming pool, massage and acupuncture available, sauna) to set up a program -- a Program -- to improve my physical condition. Which is a good thing, of course: as my friend Joyce says, I need to do what I can to keep what I have. But the Wellness Center lady called me to ask whether I wanted to. Up until now, my neglected gym memberships just sat and sucked sustenance out of my bank account until I admitted defeat and canceled them. Here, I don't pay extra, but they actively seek me out to encourage participation.

Item: a week from Tuesday, I will give a short presentation on this very blog to the Terwilliger Users Group. (What does one say about a blog? "I write because I like to, people read because they enjoy what I write (or for whatever reason), any questions?") This came about because I asked to have my blog listed on the internal web page with the two (2!) other people's blogs. One of the listed blogs is titled Knit a Condom Amulet, by the way. Interesting, diverse community here. But anyway, so I asked to have this blog added to the list, and they invited me to come to the users group.

Item: camel bells once a month so I don't miss the floor meeting. Can't really complain about that one, but still.

I suppose "Big Brother" is an unfair title for this entry. But I'm used to going days at a time without anyone interrupting my solitude. That's not going to happen here. Which is, I suppose, part of the reason I moved here. But It's Not What I'm Used To, she whined.


  1. This is a big change and you are entitled to taking your time getting used to it!

  2. Some of this may just be a flurry of activity because you've just moved in. It might calm down soon enough. I think it's lovely that they put up a sign announcing your arrival on your front door.