Sunday, March 16, 2014

How do you know when you're over a cold?

Thursday, it was real clear: I had a cold. I was plucking Kleenexes out of the box every few seconds, I felt achy and droopy, my sinuses ached, sleeping was not only easy but inevitable. I was sick.

Friday was a bit better, but not great. Still snurfly, still droopy, still clearly sick.

Yesterday? Well, maybe. Kleenex frequency was way down, daytime sleep was optional and brief, low energy, but I can do low energy when I am in tip-top condition. I believe it is referred to as "sloth" in the list of seven deadly sins, and, if I only had one, that would be it.

So today, though I hadn't slept particularly well, I arose feeling refreshed, determined to get to church. Ate breakfast (a healthy bowl of oatmeal festooned with raisins and raspberries), drank my coffee, and wham! Suddenly my nose is running, I'm coughing, and my energy level is back at the bottom of the scale. Isn't caffeine supposed to pep me up, make me MORE energized? Wasn't I cured just minutes ago?

So am I sick (stay home, don't spread the germs) or am I lollygagging (lazy, good-for-nothing wants to watch the rest of season two of "House of Cards")? And am I blogging about it so that, by the time I post this, it will be too late to go to church and the decision will have been made? Or is it all a diabolical plot to keep me from the communion rail until my soul is so steeped in depravity that Satan won't even have to nudge to put me onto the path to eternal damnation? No, I'm pretty sure that last one is not an option. In the first place, God loves me whether or not I take communion, and in the second place I'm just as easily seduced by that bag of Lindors truffles in the cupboard as by taking an extra day to baby a cold.

Oh, and look! The cliffside tree opposite my windows has what look like buds on the ends of its bare branches, Maybe it will bloom! Maybe the whole mess is allergies to spring pollen. Where's that Kleenex box?

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