Monday, March 31, 2014

Live-blogging blogging!

So in a couple weeks, I'm to be on the agenda of the monthly meeting of the Terwilliger Users' Group (TUG), a gathering of people using or otherwise interested in computers at Terwilliger Plaza. My topic is to be "Blogging", and I was asked to keep it short -- five minutes or so. This morning, Scott Phillips, who is in charge of the group, called to ask if I'd be willing to make a blog entry as part of my talk. I'm more than happy to do so, since otherwise I'll be darned if I know what one says about a blog other than "I write about whatever I feel like and post it to the internet." With as many interesting people as there are here, it seems criminal that there are only three blogs listed on the Terwilliger Plaza page. Maybe I can coax a few more people to take the plunge.

Liveblogging will let me show off the Blogger interface, plus be a good source of questions about the mechanics of blogging. All assuming I don't get prohibitive stage-fright and find myself unable to recall the link to my blog. I'll write it down somewhere.

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