Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Have I landed in a great place or what?

When I first toured Terwilliger Plaza, one of the things that I found particularly appealing was a notice on the bulletin board for a biweekly discussion group calling "Inquiring Minds" that was studying Thucydides' account of the Peloponnesian War.

I can understand that this would not float everybody's boat. But please believe me that it floats mine. And this morning I went to my first meeting of "Inquiring Minds".

Dear God! It's great! The man leading it (he and his wife live on my floor) has a clear, deep presentation of material, and he encourages class participation by having people read passages and by facilitating group discussion. There were 30 or 35 people -- the room was just about packed -- and no one was stupid or shallow or bombastic. (OK, I'm sure someone in the room was occasionally stupid and/or shallow and/or bombastic at some time in their life, but no one was during class this morning.)

I want to be part of this class. Study material comes as stapled copies from a translation the leader likes, and he only had one left. So I dashed back to my computer and got the book from which the material comes onto my Kindle. Then, just now, the leader called me because he was concerned that I have access to the passages the group has been working on for the past several weeks. His wife brought me the Only Remaining Copy of the study material so I can bookmark excerpts on my Kindle and ...

Is anybody still with me? I know, I'm talking about some guy from 2500 years ago who wrote about a war between two Greek cities, and I'm babbling as if I had just won the Megabucks. Well, heck, take your thrills where you find them. Whoop-de-do! Thucydides!


  1. That's fantastic! Your expectations were not only met but exceeded. This sounds like the right place for you! BTW This text is one of John's favorites!

  2. How nice--to be able to carry on a discussion with other people right there in your building!

  3. You are a serious history and literature geek. Yay.