Friday, February 21, 2014

At last, visuals

I am a word person myself, but I know there are people who want to see pictures, so here's an attempt at providing for their needs. Great big Chris came by to hang my pictures for me, so, although I am succeeding in messing the place up, inflicting detritus on all flat surfaces, the walls are looking better.

Here is my front door, with a poster announcing that I'm the new kid and welcoming me to my new home. Once you step through the door, this is what you see.
You're seeing the picture Kay and Ketan brought back for me from China, and you're looking into my bedroom across my (unmade) bed toward the mountainside.

Here you're looking along the south wall of my living room. The picture on the wall is a collage of family photos that Lizz made for me back when she excavated my condo while I was in Russia. I've got a new desk on order that will sit against that wall over by the windows.
This is the west wall of my living room. You can sort of see the mountainside through the righthand window, but I've got marginally better pictures of that view.

If you look down and to the right, you can see my little yellow beetle in its new parking place. It's about half a block from the door closest to my room, an uphill slog which I'm sure is good for me, even in the rain. I'm a little concerned that, if we have another spate of really cold weather, I'll find that the diesel fuel in my tank turns into jelly, and I'm not sure whether it melts back into a usable form or not. Guess I'll find out.
And on the north wall, just beyond my already random-stuff-covered dining table is the Kovel "Harlequin" flanked by twirly metal things with color-filled glass balls. Lizz pointed out to me how conveniently the track light illuminates that place on the wall. We then take four or five steps toward the "Harlequin", turn right, and voila! the kitchen!

Note that the refrigerator already has all my magnets on it, courtesy of Lizz and Jim.

The bedroom has a bed in it. The bathroom has a shower, sink, and toilet in it and is somewhat cramped. The east wall of the bedroom has a closet with mirrors on the sliding doors, in which I am reflected taking a picture..

So there you go. It ain't art -- my medium, as has been noted earlier, is words, not images. But I wish I could do a better job on the mountainside. It really is very cool to look out any window and not see somebody else's windows, as I did in the condo. And I would have to be very skilled to show you the tiny birds that flit in and out of the wiring that protects the parking lot from falling rocks. I don't know whether they actually nest in the mountainside, but come spring I hope to find out.


  1. How exciting to see your new surroundings! It looks like a really nice place--bright and cheerful and practical. (Joan)

  2. Yes! I agree! Very nice! I especially love all the windows and your mountainside. Thanks for the pictures.

  3. Nice place there Roberta! I bet you when it snows those hills outside your windows will look really cool!