Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ochi has fans

My cat, Ochi, got admiring fans this morning from two sources.

Vera, who cleans my apartment every couple weeks, brought her friend Svetlana to admire him. We spoke Russian -- well, OK, I sort of mumbled through my rusty vocabulary and fading memory of grammar, and they encouraged and corrected me, since they are both from Ukraine and speak Russian like natives. (Putin, of course, would say Ukrainians ARE Russians. Many Ukrainians would beg to differ.) Ochi was, naturally, the center of attention, and Vera and Lana let me explain in English why his fur has been shaved away while they petted and cooed and made an entirely appropriate fuss over his gorgeousness.

Then John Wittwer, who lives down on the fifth floor, called to say he had a couple hard-boiled egg yolks he thought Ochi might like. I had just filled the food dish, so I declined the offer, but I'm sure egg yolks have lots of good protein. Anybody care to comment on feeding cats hard-boiled egg yolks?

1 comment:

  1. Glad to hear Ochi has friends! Egg yolks are often recommended as a food you can force-feed to a cat who isn't eating--strained baby-food egg yolks particularly, but hard boiled egg yolk is pretty much the same thing if you mash it up first.