Thursday, June 5, 2014

Elevator conversations

Yesterday, the philosophy class was scheduled to discuss Plato's views on women (amazingly advanced for a guy writing 2500 years ago), but Prof. Harcourt's discussion of the table of contents of "The Republic" got such good conversations going that we didn't get to the women discussion. (You know a guy can teach up a storm if he can make a lively class out of a table of contents.)

I shared the elevator after class with a couple fellow students.

"Where was Plato when I was fighting for women's rights?", one woman said.

"Yes, I really like his idea that women have the same capacity to be Guardians as men," said another.

And they began to talk about their experiences in the struggle for women's rights back in the 20th century.

It got to be my floor. I didn't want to get off. I did, but in future I won't. Why trade getting back to my apartment a few minutes sooner for a lively discussion of Greek philosophy and women's lib? Next time, I just ride the elevator. Not like I'm going to miss my exit eventually.

OPB has its "driveway moments", programs so good people sit in their cars in the driveway after they get home to hear the end. Terwilliger Plaza residents provide "elevator moments", casual conversations so good they make it worthwhile to ride along for another few floors.

Dang, but I like it here!

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