Tuesday, April 15, 2014

my readership

One of the features of blogger (the platform on which this blog is published) is that it keeps track of who reads each blog -- not by name, but by what browser they use and where they come from.

To my amazement, I had a reader in Alaska, four in Germany, and four in Russia. Russia! How in heaven's name did someone in Russia find my little Terwilliger Plaza blog? Probably a hacker looking for someone on the web who gives away their bank password or has a nephew who works for the CIA and tells his dear auntie about the top-secret stuff he's doing. But still. Russia!

And for that matter, how did someone in Alaska find me? It's spring there, they don't have the excuse (at the moment) of being stuck with 24-hour nights or daily high temperatures below freezing. Still I suppose there are people all over who spend their days trolling the web looking for someone they can sell something to or steal something from.  Or, to be a bit more optimistic, looking for something interesting.

But still -- Russia!


  1. Happy Easter!

    It must be nice to know your blog is reaching readers the world over.

  2. Watch out, the robots know where you are! :-)