Wednesday, April 9, 2014

condo sold!

The place I moved from has been on the market for about a month. There has been only tepid interest -- one offer at $20K less than my asking price, and the buyer bowed out when I made a counter offer. 

Suddenly this past weekend, THREE separate buyers made offers, one of them slightly over my asking price. Electronic documents have zipped back and forth for electronic signatures (much less intimidating than the inches-thick piles of paper I remember from the last time I did anything in the real estate market), and we have not only a pending sale, but a backup buyer in case anything goes awry with the first folks.

A month or so until closing. So only one more month for me to pay home owners association dues and electricity bill on the old place, only one more month for me to pay interest on my bridge loan, only one more month for me to carry around too many keys to too many doors. 

I'm happy.


  1. What great news! A great relief, I'm sure--and it's particularly nice that there's a backup buyer waiting in the wings.