Saturday, September 27, 2014

An unexpected gift

Every once in a while, somebody will give you a piece of their life.

I'm not talking about the intricate sharing of long-time friends or lovers or partners. This kind of thing comes from a stranger, who, for whatever reason, decides to open up to you.

I got one of those gifts just now as I bought tangerines and yogurt at a Trader Joe's. I was wearing the T-shirt I got as a thank-you after giving one of my children (the one who always knows Exactly what I can buy her for her birthday) tickets to a Tina Turner concert. The T-shirt has Tina seated on a simple chair looking out at the world with an expression of cheerful triumph. It was from one of her several "farewell" tours and has the dates and places of the concerts on the back.

The guy ringing up my purchases admired the shirt, then, after a brief pause, told me he dresses up like Tina and performs her most popular pieces. My immediate response was profound envy. I could no more imitate Tina than I could fly to Mars. "Can you do her voice?" I asked. "No, I lip-synch," he answered. "Just doing the dancing in high-heeled boots is plenty of challenge."

He bagged up my purchases, and I left, smiling. I smiled all the way home.

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  1. Must be a talented young man!

    High heels are fairly daunting even for some women. And women are supposed to be just naturally meant for high heels, or at least that's the impression I got back when I was shopping for stylish shoes.