Saturday, July 5, 2014

6th story hummingbird

So I was hustling together crackers and cheese for a mid-afternoon snack, gazing vaguely out the window, when a hummingbird zoomed up to the window. He/she hovered there for several seconds, then zipped off to do whatever it is that hummingbirds do on hot Saturday afternoons.

I can understand a hummingbird coming to the roof to sip nectar from deep pink flowers. But to have one come to my sixth floor window just as I am looking out it is a Sign. Definitely a Sign. (It is also two more hummingbirds than I saw during the 17 years I lived in my condo and the 20 years I lived in my house in Beaverton.)

Now if I could only find someone to Interpret my Sign. I'm sharing raspberry shakes tomorrow with a friend who is a Wiccan, maybe she'll know what it all Means.


  1. I hope it will be a good sign. But maybe it's just a sign that hummingbirds like crackers and cheese?

  2. I've just read more about hummingbirds, and this book asks the question:
    "Are you getting enough sweetness in your life? Are you perhaps not savoring the sweet things in life?"
    They are fiercely independent, raising their young alone with no help from the male. Because of their migration (which appears nearly impossible), they are symbols of accomplishing that which seems impossible. Is there something you wish to accomplish, that looks just too large?
    I do think there will be a 3rd hummingbird making itself known to you, before too much longer.